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What's the Number 1 Issue that is the Barrier keeping independent, Black and POC comic creators from being able to publish their First Issue?  Well, that's where Blerd Station comes in.

The Show

Issue #1 is Blerd Station's first television series created specifically for the indendent comic creator.  It follows the rigours and challenges of  their journey as they go from pitching their book to receiving funding from Blerd Station, to navigating deadlines in order to get that first Issue published!

Show Beats

  • Independent comic creators pitch their book at one of the Blerd-themed conventions.

  • Once the pitching round is complete, Blerd Station will deliberate and ultimately  inform the creators which ones they have chosen for Season 1

  • Blerd Station will provide up to  $10,000 to the selected creators in increments that are triggered by meeting publishing benchmarks.

  • Blerd Station Producers will keep track of the creator's progress towards deadlines they set for each phase, while also acting as mentors and helpful resources.

  • If the creator can successfully meet their deadlines and complete production on their book, Blerd Station will:

                                                                           Payout the remaining, unused dollars directly to the creator.

                                                                           Publish the book on the streaming platform as a Blerd Station Original Comic.

                                                                           Option the comic IP for a possible animated or live-action series.

Get on the List

If you want to pitch, please complete our Pitch Application and Idea Submission form.

Pitch Application

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Idea Submission Form


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