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  • How does a campaign membership work?
    As is common with other crowdfunding and Patreon style fundraisers, during the initial campaign each new member qualifies for their membership rewards by paying $10.99 per month (same as the price of a regular subscription) for 36 months. At the completion of the membership, they may select from an option of 3 Rewards, these are: A Merchandise option. Members receive a specially curated gift of Blerd Station and other show merchandise with a retail value of $200. A repayment option. Upon completion of the membership period, members can opt to receive a repayment equal to 1 year of membership fees. An Equity option. Upon completion of 36 months, the membership period is complete and members may opt to receive THEIR SHARE of 10% of ownership of Blerd Station. During the campaign/Affinity membership period, members receive access to all of the streaming platform entertainment content including, original television series, original anime series, live streaming events, monthly comics and graphic novels (online). Affinity Members also qualify for deep discounts on merchandise.
  • Can I just pay the entire campaign membership fee at once?
    Not during the campaign. The membership fee is structured to create opportunity. By making it only $10.99 per month it creates a "low entry point" that makes it easier for more people to join and become equity partners (if they select that option) rather than requiring a single lump sum.
  • Can I purchase more than one membership?
    Not during the campaign phase. However once the site is launched and regular subscriptions are available, yes.
  • How do I become an Influencer Affiliate?
    One caveat that is a requirement is that any influencer interested in working with Blerd Station, needs to be subscribed to Blerd Station. For information about joining our Influencer Affiliate Partners program, please contact us via email at: In order to qualify for the program the influencer must have: At least one social media platform. A miminum of 1000 followers (total across all platforms) We Recommend that influencer platforms feature content that is: Black or POC themed Entertainment i.e., film, television, gaming, music, Anime Entertainment Media, news, reviews. Blerd Community Interests i.e., Cosplay, Conventions, Manga, Comics, Nerdcore.
  • Is my information safe?
    Yes. Our site is secured by the most rigorous industry securtiy standards. We will NEVER share your personally identifying information or your financial information. All additional information we collect is specifically information necessary to adequately manage each membership so that we can fulfill notification requirements for equity partnership, if that is the reward that the member selects.
  • What kind of equity will you be making available?
    The equity ownership reward (that is one option upon completion of the Affinity Membership) is a share of 10 -15% of Blerd Station. Each equity share will be Preferred non voting company shares. This category of shares does not manage the company, however once the growth milestones are achieved, Preferred stockholders are first to receive dividend payments and awards.
  • How Can I work with Blerd Station?
    One caveat that is a requirement is that any creator interested in working with or pitching to Blerd Station, needs to be subscribed to Blerd Station. When Blerd Station is looking to expand it's content, we will make announcements via our website and social media that allow creators to request an Idea Submission Agreement so that they can participate in any of the pitching opportunities we will be scheduling, either in private sessions or at events like conventions.
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